Hotel pod Pralesem

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Outside facilities

In warmer weather from early spring to fall, the garden restaurant is a pleasant place to enjoy a meal outside the Hotel.

zahradní restaurace Hotelu pod Pralesem

The damming of the local creek (Sejf) created a picturesque lake in front of the Hotel, where young, swift, brook trout can be observed. The Hotel has a regular tennis court with a training area. Evenings at a campfire by the sound of a guitar combined with barbecuing or grilling might make your stay at the hotel even more attractive.

Smaller children can use the Hotel's playground for kids with swings, slides and crawl-through areas. However, children may use the playground only under the direct supervision of their guardians.

kaplička sv. Antonína u Hotelu pod PralesemThere is a parking lot for about 30 cars. There is the dainty chapel of St. Anthony on the hotel grounds ordained at the beginning of the 20th century. It is used for religious and social (e.g. wedding) occasions during the summer season.

Součástí HpP je KAPLIČKA sv. Antonína, která byla vysvěcena začátkem minulého století a  je využívána k církevním ale i občanským svatebním obřadům v období jaro - podzim.


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