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The Forest Hotel is located in the hamlet of Dolni Sejfy that had been incorporated in the village of Mlade Buky (Trutnov District) in 1948.

The first mention of the area being populated comes from the second half of the 16. century and pertains to the minig of precious metals - a common activity in this region. The history of mining is supported by written documents, as well as by remnants of mining shafts, tunnels, and heaps of gravel as residue from panning out gold around the Sejf creek. The word Sejfy was used in the past as a place for panning gold.

However, permanent inhabitants settled here only later. The settlement Dolni Sejfy was founded in 1682 by count Adolph Svarcemberk on the grounds of a earlier feudal courtyard.

The first peasant house on the grounds of the Forest Hotel was built in 1889 by Anton Frenzl, the son of a local farmer. The area around the house and later the whole village Dolni Sejfy was called Antony's valley or more popularly "Antonal". The daughter of Anton Frenzl - Augusta - was married around 1900 to a farmer's son named Julius Peschke, who was a carpenter by trade. Peschke built a dance hall with a porch next to the small agricultural building he inherited, and he added a second floor. The renovated place, due to its lovely natural location, became a renown restaurant and tourist area. Mrs. Peschke reigned over the kitchen and her cakes and potatoe salad soon became famous.

After World War II, the place was taken over by a Mr. Marko who came from the Ruthenian part of Ukraine. In the nineteen fifties the Union of the Czech Railroad Workers and the Bus Workers Union became the new owners. Later the Bus Workers Union resigned their ownership and the sole owner remained the Railroad Workers Union in Zdice. During the years 1988 and 1989 the entire building was demolished and a new recreational facilty - the current Forest Hotel - was built in its place.

Sample of Mr. Peschke's ad in the local paper, in which he extols the features of his restaurant.

the origin clipping from the newspaper Restaurant in Anthony's Valley

Ideally located excursion place about 30 min. walk from the railroad station. Has a large dance and small side hall with beautiful music box, and a shady garden. The place is most suitable for club excursions and folk fests. Own dairy operation on premises; serves excellent beverages and also coffee with whipped cream. Owner Julius Peschke
(překlad textu uvedeného na obrázku vlevo translation of the text on the picture left up).


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